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Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry


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Autor: H. Jakubke, H. Jeschkeit
Auflage: 1994
Form: 1201 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN-10: 3110114518
ISBN-13: 978311011451-5
Verlag: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG
Preis (EUR): 88.00
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Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry, containing more than 12,000 entries and 1,600 figures, formulas, and tables, is an invaluable reference tool for chemists, chemical engineers, teachers and students. Arranged alphabetically in a single, convenient volume, this work covers an immense wealth of material in all fields of chemistry, including:
• general chemistry
• inorganic chemistry
• organic chemistry
• physical chemistry
• technical chemistry
• chemical engineering.
The entry for each element includes abundance sources, a brief description of the methods used for refining and purfication, applications, and history. Descriptions of numerous compounds include physical data, major reactions, and important uses. Mechanisms for important reactions in organic chemistry are clearly explained.
Basic processes in industrial chemistry, especially coal, petrochemistry, and process chemistry are discussed and illustrated in detail. The Encyclopedia follows IUPAC rules for the nomenclature of chemical compounds and applies the SI units throughout.
Concise Encyclopedia Chemistry is a very useful reference tool, and belongs on the shelf of every chemist and natural scientist.