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M. Kofler
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Plastics Additives Handbook


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Autor: H. Zweifel
Auflage: 2000
Form: 1148 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN-10: 3446195793
ISBN-13: 978344619579-0
Verlag: Carl Hanser Verlagsleitungsges. mbH
Preis (EUR): 129.90
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Plastics without additives are not viable. Additives are essential to make plastics processable and to assure their end-use properties.

More then ten years have passed since the last major revision of the Plastics Additives Handbook. During this decade the demands on additives have continued to evolve, not only because of changes in processing conditions and production techniques but also because plastics are being used in more demanding applications.

This new, fully revised edition of the traditional Plastics Additives Handbook, described earlier by one reviewer as the "bible" for anyone involved in the chemistry and technology of plastics additives, provides again an excellent overview of the complex science and technology of plastics additives and their industry. It offers guidance for all professionals involved in the development of new thermoplastic resin grades and novel end-use applications.