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Surface Science


Surface Science Einkaufswagen

Autor: K. Oura, V.G. Lifshits, A.A. Saranin, A.V. Zotov, M. Katayama
Auflage: 2003
Form: 440 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN-10: 3540005455
ISBN-13: 978354000545-2
Verlag: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg GmbH & Co.KG
Preis (EUR): 96.25
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K. Oura • V. G. Lifshits • A. A. Saranin A. V. Zotov • M. Katayama
Surface Science
This book is designed äs a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in engineering and physical sciences who are seeking a general overview of surface science. It also provides a necessary back-ground Information for researchers just starting out in the field. The book covers all the most important aspects of modern surface science, from the experimental background and crystallographic basics to modern analytical techniques and applications to thin films and nanostructures. All topics are presented in a concise and clear form accessible to a beginner. At the same time, the coverage is comprehensive and at a high technical level, with emphasis on the fundamental physical principles. Numerous examples, references, practice exerdses, and problems complementthis remarkably complete treatment, which will also serve äs an excellent reference for researchers and practitioners.